Structured Wiring

Why Structured Wiring?

Structured wiring refers to a whole house wiring system that is meant to 
replace the wiring systems of the past. Today, most consumers have strong 
networking needs relating to data transfer, computer systems, home security 
systems, remote controlled HVAC systems, and video entertainment 
capabilities. Structured wiring systems are intended to meet these demands, 
efficiently streamlining and distributing a variety of data

 signals throughout your home.

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Advantages of Structured Wiring

Structured wiring offers many advantages over traditional forms of home wiring and is tailored to today‚Äôs technology-savvy world. This type of system allows you to distribute cable TV, Internet, telephone, and audio signals throughout the home. This not only gives convenience, but provides a centralized access to parental controls. Structured wiring makes automation technology possible.  It provides the ability to operate various appliances from anywhere in the home, or even online. Technology experts give credit to structured wiring systems for making homes ready for the future, as well as capable of handling technological advances as they develop. Finally, structured wiring increases the value of your home!

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